Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Blog

I deleted my old blog. My thoughts are out with the old...Seriously the old is over and gone and i can't even stand to read what i put up with for so many years.

I am blissfully happy at the moment hence the name of this blog HappyLiss ;)

I'm going to participate in NaBloPoMo this year and plan to make through the month again this year. Hopefully I'll start blogging again's been a really long time, but i'm also keeping a paper journal so not all is lost for me in terms of writing.


Lisa said...

I'm sure you'll find something to blog about. I wish I had the motivation you have but I'm afraid I'd be a total snore to everyone reading. Happy to see you back blogging and looking forward to reading about you adventures!

Stacie said...

Way to go, girl. Its going to be a great NaBloPoMo.